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S.T. Dupont Big D Black Lacquer & Gold Lighter, 025002

S.T. Dupont Big D Black Lacquer & Gold Lighter, 025002

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Rooted in the Maison's heritage, combining the elegance of Line 2 with the power of the Megajet, Big D will delight cigar enthusiasts seeking both performance and luxurious design.

With its diamond-point body, this lighter seamlessly blends refinement and performance, created to enhance the pleasure of a cigar by adapting to all sizes. Equipped with a powerful 2 cm torch flame, Big D ensures exceptional lighting on any occasion.

This model, just like Slimmy, is available in chrome, gold, diamond-point guilloche, or lacquer finishes (dark blue and black).

Associated gas refill: Black

DIMENSIONS 73 X 39 X 13mm

MATERIAL Metal, Lacquer


This item cannot be shipped internationally

Brand: S.T. Dupont

Flame Type: Torch Flame

Reference: 025002

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