S.T. Dupont Haute Creation 24H Le Mans Collector Set

The S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Le Mans Collectors Kit is more than just a collection of exquisite items; it's a gateway to owning a piece of racing history, designed to ignite passion, inspire stories, and celebrate the relentless spirit of competition and luxury.
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Le Grand

A masterpiece of functionality and design, this lighter boasts a sleek black lacquer finish complemented by opulent gold accents. Its dual ignition system ensures reliability under any conditions, while the front of the lighter is adorned with 100 meticulously placed 1mm diameter diamonds, forming the auspicious number 8, symbolizing luck and prosperity.

The companion to your Le Grand lighter, this stand shaped like a V12 engine, is a nod to the high-octane world of Le Mans racing, made from patinated brass to add an air of vintage elegance.

Crafted to resemble a V8 engine, this stand is not merely a holder for your Line D Eternity Pen; it's a statement piece that echoes the power and prestige of motor racing.

Line D Eternity

This exquisite writing instrument is finished in the same luxurious black lacquer and gold accents, aligning perfectly with the lighter. The cap features the lucky number 8, encrusted with 100 diamonds of 0.8mm diameter each, offering a writing experience that is not only smooth but also unparalleled in elegance.