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Pilot Iroshizuku Limited Edition Ink Set Ma-Hiru

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Each vibrant ink color embodies the beauty of Japanese natural landscapes and plants.

There are a total of 6 exquisite sets that each include 4 different 30ml glass bottle inks, packaged in an elegant gift box. These lovely ink sets will bring the beauty and expressiveness of nature to every word you write.

Noon like a bright blue mid-day sky collectively makes Ma-hiru set which includes: 

  • Ama-Iro (sky blue): This shade of blue conjures up the color of a clear blue sky, unblemished by even a wisp of cloud.
  • Kon-Peki (cerulean): The deep blue is inspired by the color of a vast and clear summer day.
  • Momiji (Autumn leaves): This shade of red conjures up the bright red leaves that are iconic of Japanese autumn.
  • Fuyu-Gaki (Winter persimmon): The color of the persimmon has been long used in Japan since around the late Heian period. This shade of orange conjures up the image of a lusciously ripe Winter Persimmon

Brand: Pilot

Reference: 18441