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Pelikan Souverän Limited Edition M1000 Raden Red Infinity Fountain Pen

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Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft. Working with small pieces of precious shell material, the master artist creates a unique and distinctive striped fountain pen which is an impressive piece of art.

Each individually produced piece is crafted by hand and is truly unique. Pelikan applies this wonderful Japanese decorative craft to the technical base of its famous Souverän fountain pen in the size M1000.

The design pattern has no beginning and no end and stands for continuity which is a lucky design that implies long family happiness, prosperity, development, and professional success. The fountain pen M1000 Red Infinity is made with particles from the Australian abalone shell. The size of the abalone shell is small, and the greenish hues that are used for this precious fountain pen are particularly limited. The first step to create the fountain pen Raden M1000 Red Infinity is to give the surface a red color impression by using the special Japanese Urushi lacquer. By carefully sprinkling silver powder, the red colored parts sparkles when turning the fountain pen in your hand.

The rectangular stripes are made with particles from the precious green colored mother of pearl shell. In the next step the stripes are fixed to the cap and barrel by a coating of lacquer.

Model Size/length in cm

14,7 cm with closed cap

Weight:  35,7 g

The Raden M1000 Red Infinity fountain pen is a piece of art with a finely chased 18 carat gold nib in the size M. Each fountain pen comes in a traditional Japanese gift box which is made of Paulownia wood. This unique Limited Edition will be available in June 2023 in a limited edition of 400 pieces worldwide.

Brand: Pelikan

Nib Size: Medium

Nib Material: 18K Gold

Reference: 818995