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OMAS Galileo Galilei 650th Anniversary Medium Fountain Pen

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As 2015 is known as the International Year of Light, Omas has taken the opportunity to once again celebrate Galileo, the father of modern science.

This edition is entirely handcrafted in the wild celluloid pattern, reaching it’s final run with this design. Omas felt this was the proper way to close out this celluloid, as it was introduced with the original Galileo in 1993.  

The Year of Light is based on the Vintage Paragon design, featuring the flat clip and three piece cap band. One unique variation from the 1993 Galileo is the inverted trim colors. The original Galileo had a gold clip, where the new one is now silver. Additionally, the ’93 Galileo had a center cap band of silver with the thinner, outer bands in gold. Now, the main band is gold with two silver outer bands.

Brand: OMAS

Nib Size: Medium

Nib Material: