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Montblanc Limited Edition Leonard Bernstein Ballpoint Pen

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Leonard Bernstein was a musician through and through. Whether he was conducting, composing, teaching or playing the piano, he always did it with true passion. His first appearance as a conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of only 25 years brought him overnight fame - it was the start of an unprecedented career, Bernstein composed unforgettable melodies and world-famous musicals such as "West Side Story", "On the Town" and "Candide".

Leonard Bernstein's talent for bringing harmony into the finest detail is reflected in the Donation Pen dedicated to this great artist. For example, the gold-plated cap rings of the pen are inscribed with music and lyrics from the song "Maria" from "west Side Story" and are a testimony to Bernstein's musical ability. The clip is shaped into an artistically curved clef symbol.

Includes CD titled "A Tribute to Leonard Bernstein, Selections from "West Side Story" and More."

Brand: Montblanc

Nib Size: Ballpoint

Nib Material:

Reference: 21851