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IM Corona 64 Old Boy Hammered

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Engineered with precision, the Old Boy's timeless design is not merely a nod to tradition but a testament to enduring quality. Its dependable flint ignition system promises a consistent pipe flame, perfect for those seeking the ritualistic pleasure of a pipe with the assurance of modern reliability. The integrated tool is ingeniously designed to serve both as a tamper, securely locking in place, and, when detached, as a pick to maintain your pipe's optimum condition. The lighter's generous fuel reservoir ensures that your experience is long-lasting, minimizing interruptions for refills and maximizing the enjoyment of your smoking session. Presented in an array of color options, each Old Boy is an individual statement of personal style. Embrace the esteemed ritual of pipe smoking with a lighter that's as reliable as it is elegant.


Lighter:Antique brass plated
Outer shell:Antique brass plated w/ Hammer tone
Size: H65 x W30 x D12mm


Soft w/ pipe (Horizontal) angle


Butane gas

Gas Capacity: 3.3g
Made in Japan*It comes with a Pipe tamper

This item cannot be shipped internationally

Brand: IM Corona

Flame Type: Soft Flame