Repairs and Service

NOTICE: There is nothing that we can do for cosmetic damages. We cannot repair damage to the lacquer or chipping/scratches around the finish.

Do you have an item that isn't functioning correctly?

Please mail your product(s) that require servicing to us with signature confirmation to:
Art Brown
15 West 47 Street Suite E18
New York, NY 10036
+1 (212)-921-1144

It is recommended to not ship the original packaging as it may be damaged in the mail. We are not responsible for any damage to the packaging.

Please include a brief note describing the experience you are having as well as your phone number, email address and return shipping address. Once we receive the product and inspect it, we will send you an invoice for your approval if necessary to complete the repair. If you do not accept the charges for repair or if the item is not repairable, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. If you would like any gas or ink refills, indicate the color and amount that you would like as well.

If your item is an ST Dupont product and you would like to have your repair covered under ST Dupont's two year service guarantee, please refer to the below guide to ensure it will be covered and also include your receipt or stamped warranty card: (Products do not qualify for warranty without a stamped card or sales receipt.)

Please note that we are only responsible for unpaid items for three (3) months after receiving and sending an estimate/invoice unless further discussed.  After three months, we will discard the items.  

 Conditions of Guarantee 

Customization Options


On each S.T. Dupont lighter and pen, the company was kind enough to leave space for custom engraving. Our products are engraved using a laser engraving, ensuring every line and curl is as even and smooth as can be. Engraving price may vary according to style, length or message. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Converting your pens:

Many of S.T. Dupont rollerball pens are able to be converted to a fountain pen and vice-versa. If a product you have been looking for is unavailable - give us a call. We may be able to convert an item from our stock. 

Want to make searching easier? S.T. Dupont has worked out a system with their reference numbers to make it easier for sellers and buyers alike. Each product has a unique 6+ digit code.

Fountain Pen Reference Numbers- XX0XXX (ex. 410715)

Rollerball Pen Reference Numbers- XX2XXX (ex. 412715)

Ballpoint Pen Reference Numbers- XX5XXX (ex. 415715)

Send us a message letting us know how we can help you - Contact Us.