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S.T. Dupont Slimmy Fire X Black Lacquer & Chrome Lighter, 028070

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Inspired by the exquisite design elements of the X-Bag from S.T. Dupont's latest leather goods collection, this lighter reimagines the classic flame tip in a striking new form. The Slimmy Fire X model boasts a bold, geometric pattern adorned in a sleek black lacquer complemented by stunning chrome finishes, creating a visually captivating accessory.

Crafted for aficionados who appreciate fine craftsmanship, the Fire X lighter features a robust 2cm torch flame, perfect for an even and efficient light. Its slim profile and distinct design not only provide a superior grip but also make it a statement piece in any collection. Whether you're lighting a cigar or seeking a touch of class for your everyday carry, the Fire X Slimmy lighter from S.T. Dupont promises unmatched elegance and performance.

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Brand: S.T. Dupont

Flame Type: Torch Flame

Reference: 028070