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Gas Refill S.T. Dupont Black, 000430

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Gas container from S.T. Dupont, to refill your luxury Dupont lighter with.

It contains 72ml / 41 grams lighter gas.

This item cannot be shipped internationally.

Use for: Liberte, Ligne 2 Liberte, Ligne 2 Torch, MiniJet/MaxiJet/Ultrajet/Megajet, Slim 7, The Wand Lighters, Big D, Slimmy, Twiggy


1. Why do we have leaks when recharging the lighter?

 The system is designed to be hermetic but there is always a small residual gas in the valve.

 This was already the case with our old refills.

2. How do we know if the lighter is properly loaded?

 You must follow the 2 steps: empty the lighter, press and hold the gas refill for 5 seconds twice in order to fully recharge the lighter.

 The lighter becomes cold which is a sign that it has been correctly refilled.

3. Is it normal that the pressure is so strong during the fill-up?  We must apply pressure in order to open the refill valve which will enable the distribution of gas into the lighter (about 1 kg). Pushing strongly will avoid leaks from the diffusing system.

4. It is normal that the screw thread does not lock?

 The screw system prevents premature wear of the diffuser.

 Without this rotation system, the diffuser valve will stay open and let the gas out. By having this system, it allows the pressure to let the gas enter the reservoir.

 It is essential that the screw is sufficiently tight so that the diffuser opens the valve plug of the lighter, otherwise, there is a risk of leaking and not filling.

5. I feel that my lighter is not reloaded?  It is often linked to the customers habits (those who have used old refills).

 With an old refill, the recharging time is between 5 and 10 minutes.

 With the new refill, the operation takes 10 seconds and the process is much simpler.


Brand: S.T. Dupont