The Iconic Perfect Ping

 After the creation of their first lighter in 1941, S.T. Dupont began to gain traction amongst smokers. During early production, an error occurred that cause the lighter to create a unique "ping" sound when the lid was opened. This little design mishap created the iconic ping that everyone hears when they think Dupont. Expanding on their most famous line of lighters, Ligne 2 - S.T. Dupont released a ligne of lighters with a "perfect ping".




Available in brushed palladium or matte lacquer with gold or palladium finish, every lighter in the collection is brandishing beautiful micor diamond guilloche on the lid and sides of the body.





The second addition to the collection is a line of lighters with a variety of colored lacquer over hand guilloche designs. Available in gold and ruby  or palladium with turquoise, electrib blue, or orange lacquers.






Entering the modern era of design, S.T. Dupont released another addition to the collection. Matte black lacquer featuring a carbon fiber plated design - The Cling Carbon Collection. Available in matte black and red, blue or white. Matching cutters are also available.