The Marvel Collection

The Tony Stark / Iron Man Limited Edition celebrates the multiple facets of male seduction. Tony Stark is a world famous charismatic genius superhero and as such embodies values like strength, courage and elegance. In every man lies a Tony Stark or Iron Man. And S.T. Dupont is proud to honor manhood with this superbly crafted new limited edition.

Modern Excellence

with an original honeycomb motif on the lacquer and leather of a richly embellished range, it expresses a certain idea
of contemporary chic.

This collection is a spectacular demonstration of the way the House is rooted in the most dazzling modernity. It
showcases a decisively innovative material resulting from three years of research and development conducted
by S.T. Dupont——Ceramium A.C.T. As resistant as steel yet as light as air, Ceramium A.C.T. is the symbol of the
House’s technical excellence