Cigar Accessories

Since 1872, S.T. Dupont has created ultra premium cigar accessories for the world's elite. The new generation of cigar cutters team expertise with highly engineered function, spring-loaded mechanisms and razor sharp blades for a perfect cut time after time.

Crafted to ensure that luxury and versatility are never compromised, S.T. Dupont cigar cases in premium calf leather carry cigars comfortably and securely. Engineered to smoothly glide into place, its elegant aesthetics will appeal to any cigar aficionado.

Natural lacquer, carbon fiber and stainless steel make up the collection of cutters presented by S.T. Dupont. Available with matte lacquer finishes, carbon fiber insert, these cutters are fire, scratch and wear resistant, so you can be assured they will be with you for years to come




 With an assortment of cigar cutters, you can enjoy your cigar the any way you like. Use a straight cutter for a wide hole producing full flavored hits. Or use the V-cutter for a smaller, concentrated and more intense smoke.


Available in black lacquer with gold or palladium finish - S.T. Dupont released their cigar cutter that double as a cigar stand while you smoke. Inspired by guillotine cutters, the sharp blades creates a perfect straight cut through your cigar.  


 The perfect gift. The spring loaded Maxijet cutter makes for an excellent gift with its matching counterpart, the Maxijet lighter. Available in black, chrome grid design, and chrome with new additions added regularly.