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The pen has always symbolised culture and richness, and the elite have considered it as a way of expressing prestige. How many times have you seen world leaders use one to sign a decree or extremely important documents? Some have even become enthusiasts or even collectors. Whether you are right- or left-handed, the pen will captivate and exalt your prestige.

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    A symbol of elegance and refinement, S.T. Dupont’s premium ballpoint pens embody the chic heritage asserted by the brand since its creation. The ballpoint pen combines the quality of rare materials with carefully studied design to produce a true gem. Whether sleek or intricately chiselled, each pen pays homage to the joy of writing.

    Dupont Ballpoint Pens 
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    The materials of the body made of wood or metal make it a difficult choice for those looking for a more vintage model with a pumping system. However, even if the ink refills come in a cartridge, a luxury pen stands out for its elegance. A gold, steel or palladium fountain pen makes all the difference at S.T. Dupont.

    Dupont Fountain Pens 
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    With an elegant design and marvellous detailing, rollerball pens from the Maison S.T. Dupont are appealing thanks to the refinement in their production.

    Dupont Rollerball Pens 
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