Line D by S.T. Dupont

The new Line D is characterized by a strong brand recognition with the blazon signature on the clip. It signs 145 years of pride and family story of S.T.Dupont and stands as the corporate seal. 

Line D blason palladium pens with guilloche


A work of surgical precision, the production of the Line D pen consists of over 100 quality control checks to ensure that each pen is perfectly balance for maximum comfort.



Highlighting the lacquer know how of the brand, the top of the pen has been reworked to magnify the D of S.T.Dupont with a beautiful loop effect for immediate recognition. The cap has been desinged to mimic the iconic sound made by their famous Ligne 2 lighter.

Line d Pen Guilloche under lacquer

Gorgeous gold and palladium finishes ensure that each pen feels just as luxurious as it looks. Combining precious metals with lacquer  - the Line D is an excellent example of old world craftsmanship meeting modern style.