Longer Lasting Torch Lighters Coming Your Way: Common Issues with Torch Lighters

Longer Lasting Torch Lighters Coming Your Way: Common Issues with Torch Lighters

A lot of people become frustrated after spending a good sum of their money on a lighter, only for it to stop working months, weeks or even days later. On the other hand - proper care and handling can extend the life of your lighter indefinitely. Common issues include, no longer igniting, lid not opening or closing, lighter no longer clicking to ignite. Avoiding a few simple mistakes can prevent any of these from occurring.

To make it short, avoid doing the following:

1)Do not allow ash to fall into the chamber of the lighter

2)Do not use grease, lubricants or oil anywhere on  or inside of the lighter

3)Do not let the lighters get wet, whether water, alcohol or any other type of moisture.

4)Do not use inferior gas products. Each can of Dupont gas includes a filter.

For more details - keep reading. Photos provided below.

1) Do not allow ash to fall into the chamber of the lighter. This can cause the lighter's lid to have difficulty opening or closing, build up inside the cylinder that can create issues with gas flow, or can spread throughout the lighter and create issues with the ignition of the piezo crystal. To avoid this- simply use the lighter at a slight angle away from the cigar. You can also use compressed air to occasionally blow debris from the top of the lighter.

2) Do not use any grease or lubricants anywhere on the lighter. If the lighter is not opening or closing, there is likely a build up of dust near the lid. Using lubricants and grease will only help to make more problems. The grease may slip deeper into the lighter and create issues with ignition or destroy the piezo crystals ability to create a spark. It is good practice to use compressed air in this scenario. 

3) Do not let the lighters get wet. We can't always control the elements around us, however we can do our best to avoid any unnecessary instances. Any time there is excess moisture to be found within lighter, oxidation occurs. This oxidation can create blockage from the gas tank to the ignitor. It may also cause problems within the click of the piezo, creating a spark, or the lid opening and closing correctly. This can be from being left near a spill, being stuck in the rain or using gas from other companies. The moisture is immediately detectable when diagnosing the lighter, and as such voids any warranties.

4) Use S.T. Dupont blended gas. We all know that S.T. Dupont makes their gas with special adapters made to fit their lighters. What most people don't know is that each can of gas comes with a helping hand. Each and every S.T. Dupont lighter and S.T. Dupont branded can of gas contain a small filter bag of charcoal. This bag actually serves purposes. The first purpose is to clean out any impurities that may exist within the can of gas. Second, they act as a moisture absorber making sure that there is no excess humidity within the can/tank.(helping prevent oxidation on the inside)  


Shown above are multiple ways of lighting that do not cause blockage. Notice, due to the distance and angle, you are less likely to have ash fall into the chamber.


Below you can see how easy it would be for the debris to fall. Especially when taking a long time during the second or third ignition of the cigar.


The lighter on the right is an example of how much gunk can build up when using grease on the lighter improperly which can be seen by the dark color on the plate. The left is the very same lighter moments later after a quick clean up. 

 These are the igniters that create the flame. Shown from left to right are a brand new and unused part, a used but unclogged igniter, and an igniter that no longer functions. Notice that they igniter on the right is practically completely clogged. This is the noticeable result of allowing contact with liquids, oils, and dirt or ash. Be sure to use the tips give above to ensure maximum usage from your lighters.

 Shown are 2 lid closing lids from 2 used jet lighters. Notice the lid on the left has dirt stuck in between the grooves on the underside. The dirt prevents the gear mechanism from properly turning. This is the result of allowing dirt or ash to build up within the chamber of the lighter, or using lubricants or cleaning supplies improperly.

Both items in the image are from used products. Notice the left gear is in excellent condition. The gear on the right is blocked up. This blockage of dirt creates can either create friction between the gear and lid. If your lighter will not open -  this is the most likely cause. Do not use grease as it will only create bigger issues as discussed previously.


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