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S.T. Dupont Line D Diamond Head Blazon Ballpoint Pen, 415671

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S.T. Dupont demonstrates a true dedication to craftsmanship and quality by transforming everyday fine quality writing instruments and lighters into works of art and family heirlooms. Founded more than 140 years ago, S.T. Dupont has a rich history connected to royal families and the aristocracy. But having a strong connection to the past doesn’t mean the brand sticks to a tried-and-true strategy. In fact, it is a dedication to innovation that has allowed them to be one of the top luxury manufacturers for nearly one and a half centuries.Thanks to the organic development of their product line, S.T. Dupont officially specializes in four areas—lighters, pens, leather goods, and accessories—and have branded these products, respectively, "The Art of Fire,” "The Art of Writing,” "The Art of Travel,” and "The Art of Seduction.”

Material: Palladium

Brand: S.T. Dupont

Type of Pen: Ballpoint

Reference: 415671