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Caran D'Ache Ecridor Racing Set - Black & Red Ballpoint Pen with Leather Case

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Automotive design at your fingertips.

The Ecridor racing is the first Ecridor model to exhibit completely black bodywork and it mirrors the sleek lines of automotive design. Swiss-made from its initial design through to its creation in our Swiss workshops, this ballpoint pen is a distinctive model, assertive in its masculinity. The expressive engraving is inspired by radiator grills, while the red streaks gently bring out the pen’s sharp angles, evoking the rear lights of a race car disappearing into the night.

The matte black finish lends a profound elegance and accentuates the silver chrome details, such as the clip and the button, modeled after car headlights.

The custom-designed bodywork of the Ecridor Racing line captures the dynamics and limitless beauty of contemporary sports car design, while its carefully engineered size means it fits impeccably into the hand, perfectly showcasing the Swiss precision behind it.

Equipped with a Caran d'Ache Goliath cartridge in M Black
Compatible with all types of Goliath cartridges

Brand: Caran D'Ache

Type of Pen: Ballpoint

Reference: 8902.009