S.T. Dupont x Casa Blanca 2024

S.T. Dupont x Casa Blanca 2024

S.T. Dupont, a name synonymous with the finest in luxury goods, has unveiled an extraordinary collaboration with Casa Blanca, the avant-garde brand celebrated for its fresh take on classic sport and leisurewear. This collaboration is a seamless blend of S.T. Dupont's heritage in creating exquisitely crafted pieces with Casa Blanca's distinctive aesthetic, one that encapsulates the elegance of tennis attire with the artistic flair of mosaics.

Casa Blanca, a brand that stands at the crossroads of sportive grace and artistic expression, draws inspiration from the picturesque vistas and rich cultural tapestry of places like Morocco. Its fashion narrative weaves through the realms of both the vintage and the visionary, making it an impeccable match for S.T. Dupont's tradition of excellence and innovation.

The collaboration blooms into two exclusive motifs. The first, a celebration of the spirit of tennis, features a Greek tennis player adorned in Casa Blanca's signature attire, symbolizing a heritage of athleticism and art. This motif graces the iconic Ligne 2 lighter, Slimmy, Twiggy, and the elegant D-Initial Ballpoint & Rollerball pens, complemented by a meticulously crafted humidor and a tasteful small cigar ashtray.

S.T. Dupont x Casa Blanca display at PCA show 2024

Parallel to this is the mosaic collection, a vivid reflection of Casa Blanca's brand palette. The intricate mosaic design, rich with color and composition, is featured on the Ligne 2 lighter, Slimmy, Biggy, and a masterfully designed cigar cutter. The Line D Eternity Pen receives this mosaic treatment in fountain, roller, and ballpoint variations, alongside a large cigar ashtray that doubles as a statement piece.

S.T. Dupont x Casa Blanca mosaic collection on display PCA 2024

This partnership heralds a new chapter for aficionados of both brands, offering pieces that are not just accessories but narrators of a story where sport meets luxury, and tradition meets modernity. Watch for the release of these limited-edition collections and embrace the fusion of S.T. Dupont's craftsmanship with Casa Blanca's visionary ethos.

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