S.T. Dupont Haute Creation Notre Dame at PCA 2024

S.T. Dupont Haute Creation Notre Dame at PCA 2024

Discover the Notre Dame de Paris Collection, S.T. Dupont's homage to the resilience and beauty of one of the world's most storied cathedrals. This Haute Création series is a limited edition triumph, capturing the essence of Notre-Dame and Parisian artistry.

Intricate S.T. Dupont Notre Dame lighter featuring detailed gothic architecture and statuary, with Notre-Dame de Paris inscription on the base.

As the doors of Notre-Dame de Paris reopen on the auspicious date of December 8th, 2024, S.T. Dupont invites aficionados to partake in a narrative of rebirth and splendor. The Notre Dame collection, comprised of 88 fountain pens and Le Grand lighters, represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Each meticulously detailed piece takes six months to create, from the time of order, ensuring a fusion of tradition and modernity that S.T. Dupont is celebrated for.

Close-up of the S.T. Dupont Notre Dame pen, designed to resemble the spire of the cathedral, adorned with colored glass-like details.

To experience the full grandeur of the collection and to place an order, please consult with an S.T. Dupont representative. Embrace the opportunity to write your own history, with the ink of the Notre Dame collection, an ensemble that stands as a monument to luxury and storytelling.

S.T. Dupont Notre Dame collection on display at PCA 2024
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