Choosing the Right S.T. Dupont Lighter Refill

Choosing the Right S.T. Dupont Lighter Refill

As human beings, we tend to get attached to items that we like. All of us smokers have that 1 lighter that we really like and we use it on a daily basis whether it’s that first cigarette of the morning you are looking to light along with a nice cup of coffee or it’s taking out your lighter to light up a cigarette after a great meal that you just had with friends. Our favorite lighter comes along with us everywhere we go. Well, what happens when it runs out of lighter fluid, we need a refill. 

Refills must be done using an original S.T. Dupont lighter refill or the intake valve can get damaged or the nozzle may become clogged.  If the nozzle becomes clogged you can almost assuredly know that you have murdered your lighter. To describe this a little deeper, when clogged the flow of butane gets constricted and the lighter stops producing a flame. Although you may hear a hissing noise a clogged nozzle lowers the flow rate and eventually, the lighter fails completely. The purity of gas is guaranteed when you use an S.T. Dupont lighter refill which allows for proper operation of the lighter. 

There are also issues that come along with doing the refill, it needs to be done correctly or you may once again end up causing your lighter its untimely death. You need to make sure that no air is introduced when refilling or the process of purging(bleeding) the lighter of trapped air will need to be done. There are many different techniques when it comes to purging a lighter. Make sure a lighter is kept at room temperature when doing the refill as well as afterward. As you can see this is a semi-complicated process. In order to avoid any mistakes we offer the service of refilling your lighter for you and we also sell original S.T. Dupont refills. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a luxury product and then in order to save a few dollars having your lighter get irreparably damaged. We wish your lighters a long life and are there to help with any maintenance needed. 



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