S.T. Dupont fluo collection in black and red on display at the PCA show 2024.

S.T. Dupont Fluo Collection Announced TPE 2024

Bask in the brilliance of S.T. Dupont's latest revelation—the Fluorescence Animation Collection, which made a striking debut at TPE 2024 in Las Vegas. This innovative series breathes new life into our assortment of lighters and writing instruments, with a palette that is an ode to contemporary fashion and the sleekest automobile finishes.

The colors of this vibrant series are a celebration of individuality and style, featuring high-octane hues that infuse your everyday with a burst of enthusiasm. Imagine the enlivening spark of fluorescent blue, the electric zest of green, and the warm glow of orange—each color designed to turn the ritual of lighting or writing into an exuberant experience. Elevating this visual delight, each item is meticulously finished with matte black lacquer for depth, accented with shiny fluo lacquer for a striking appeal, and reinforced with PVD for enduring elegance and strength.

S.T. Dupont Fluo collection 2024 in black and green

This collection is not just about the pop of color; it is a statement of function meets fun. Available across a range of our esteemed products including the Le Grand, Defi Extreme, Maxijet, Minijet, and Slim 7 lighters, it also extends to the expertly crafted cigar cutter, cigar punch, cigar case, and cigarette case, ensuring that your choice in accessories is never mundane.

S.T. Dupont Fluo collection in black and blue

The writing instruments have not been overlooked; the Line D Eternity Ballpoint and Defi Millennium Pens in both rollerball and ballpoint varieties are also dressed in these vivacious shades, turning the act of writing into a bold expression of your persona.

S.T. Dupont Fluo collection in black and orange

For those who dare to stand out, for the aficionados of all that is unique and eye-catching, this collection promises to bring a dynamic touch to the sophistication you already know and love from S.T. Dupont. Stay connected for their release (expected in May 2024) and be among the first to carry a burst of fluorescence into your life.