The Perfect Ping

The Perfect Ping

After S.T. Dupont created the worlds first luxury petrol lighter in 1941, S.T. Dupont lighters became known and sought after world wide. From royalty to celebrities, with many in between, the S.T. Dupont lighter, with its novel "cling" sound, became a cult object for for the elite worldwide. 

Fast forward 80 years and the infamous cling is still known. After almost 100 years, and multiple product lines, Dupont has perfected the art of the cling. The newest addition to the Ligne 2 family is the fruit of their efforts. Each lighter sings a beautiful "A" note each time the lid is opened, attracting the attention of all those around you.

In an attempt to expand the line, Dupont has released a new collection of Line 2 Perfect Cling lighters, made from a solid brass block, finished by master goldsmiths and master lacquerers, these lighters are an heirloom that your family will be using for years to come. Available in lacquered models, guilloche, and goldsmith models, with many more limited edition models to come your way. Keep your eye out for an upgrade on the Le Grand line as coming soon. 

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