The Powerful And Xxtreme S.T. Dupont Defi Lighter

The Powerful And Xxtreme S.T. Dupont Defi Lighter

It’s not even up for debate…. S.T. Dupont makes some of the best lighters in the world. Period. Each one is a veritable masterpiece of design and function, setting the bar for luxury lighting instruments. A bar that many try to reach, but simply fall short of. But just as fair warning, once you use an S.T. Dupont, it’s hard to go back to anything else. 

In 2012, S.T.Dupont celebrates 140 years of prestige and exclusivity. For the occasion, S.T.Dupont pays tribute to its most iconic creation since 1941 by dreaming up a lighter that combines savoir-faire with innovation drawing on cutting-edge technology. The outstanding Defi Extreme lighter is the latest in the Defi range, embodying functional and high performance luxury.


The Defi Extreme lighter inhabits another world. Uncapped for ease of use, tested to withstand Force 7 gales and altitudes over 3,500m, the Defi Extreme lighter remains perfectly operational in the most extreme conditions. The flame stays steady as altitude and wind speed increase. Whether the temperature drops to -10 °C or soars to 45 °C, Defi sits secure in the hand and performs thanks to its intuitive ergonomics and tactile functionalities. Beneath its matte, black, shockproof jacket in highly resistant semi-rigid material, it comes in a variety of brilliant colors: matching black, bold scarlet and robust chrome, blue, copper and more.

s.t. dupont defi xxtreme lighters


The creation of this lighter introduces the next chapter in S.T.Dupont's story. Designed for today's male— a man who seeks extraordinary sensations, new challenges, and outstanding performance everywhere, whatever the circumstances— the Defi Extreme keeps its promise.

s.t. dupont defi lighter close up detail

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Torch flame butane lighters are subject to altitude problems; they are also very sensitive to temperatures variations. With Defi Extreme, S.T. Dupont answered both issues at once, providing customers with a torch flame lighter that can work in the direst conditions.

1. ALTITUDE • Torch flame butane lighters require a certain amount of atmospheric pressure to work properly: they are subject to altitude problems. Indeed, as you go higher in altitude, the air being less dense contains less oxygen; as you go lower, air density increases and contains more oxygen. To work properly, there are gas to air ratios that must be respected, each type of gas having mixture parameters that must be present for efficient burning.


 2. HIGH TEMPERATURES VARIATIONS • The boiling point* of Butane is at -1°C or 31°F. Below this temperature, the liquid Butane in the lighter will not produce sufficient vapor to give the necessary vapor pressure to escape from the lighter... If the lighter fails to let the gas escape, a flame cannot be generated. * The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the pressure surrounding the liquid and the liquid changes into a vapor.

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