How Do I Refill My S.T. Dupont Lighter?

How Do I Refill My S.T. Dupont Lighter?

Each S.T. Dupont lighter is equipped with its own unique filling mechanism. Depending on the model in question, there are 6 different cans of butane sold by S.T. Dupont, each with its own adapter. If you are curious which refill you will need - we have a handy refill guide available for you to look through. The correct refill is also listed beside each one of our products on the product page.

While some people find no problem refeuling their S.T. Dupont lighter, others do have a hard time with the learning curve. The following is a guide was created to help those who are having a hard time with their new (or old) Dupont lighter.

How to Refill Ligne 2 Lighter

How to Refill New Le Grand Cling Lighter

Tutorials for other lighters and care tips are coming soon.

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