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S.T. Dupont Line D Conquest of the Wild West Premium Fountain Pen, 410065

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  Unleash the spirit of the Wild West with the S.T. Dupont Conquest of the Wild West Fountain Pen. Crafted from solid brass and adorned with black lacquer infused with shimmering silver dust, this pen exudes elegance with its palladium finishes. The revolver-shaped clip and engraved cap evoke the rugged allure of the frontier, complemented by a 14K gold nib plated with rhodium for a flawless writing experience. Designed for the discerning collector and aficionado, this pen is more than a writing instrument—it's a piece of history.

Finish: Black lacquer & Palladium

Brand: S.T. Dupont

Nib Size: Medium

Nib Material:

Reference: 410065