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S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Prestige Ligne 2 Phoenix Renaissance Lighter, C410061N

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The Phoenix is a mythological bird that after living around 500 years, burns itself to ashes on a pyre, and rises alive to live another period. Amongst its many features, the Phoenix is believed to have gold-red feathers that emit rays of pure sunlight. The creature roams the lands of Arabia feeding upon oils of balsam and frankincense. After living a long, fruitful life, the Phoenix builds a funeral pile for himself and settles upon it. After spontaneous combustion, at its time of death, a newborn Phoenix emerges fully grown and from its body encases its parent in an egg of myrrh. The ritual ends with the young birth carrying its ancestor to the great Egyptian temple of the Sun in Heliopolis.

The prestige range of the Phoenix collection was conceived as a way of showcasing the abilities of the craftsmen within S.T. Dupont. The collection is made to last the most extreme conditions, as the Phoenix, and rise above with elegance and sophistication.

Brand: S.T. Dupont

Flame Type:

Reference: C410061N