Learn About the Materials Used By Our Brands

Take a dive into the materials used in the craftsmanship of our offerings. From the use of Gold and Palladium to resins like natural and synthetic lacquer.


The Allure of Gold

Gold, a cherished precious metal with a rich history, has always been central to the world of luxury. Its merits extend beyond its shimmering beauty, encompassing numerous benefits.

gold ore


The Allure of Palladium

Palladium, a precious metal, is renowned for its unique properties that make it the ideal choice for crafting luxury products. Here are some of the key benefits of using palladium.

raw palladium ore


The Allure of Silver

Silver, a timeless metal cherished throughout history, holds a special place in luxury craftsmanship. Bbeyond its shimmering appearance, it encompasses several key benefits

why is silver used in luxury products?


The Lustrous Allure of Chrome

Chrome, a gleaming metal revered for its contemporary appeal, holds a special place in luxury craftsmanship. Its merits extend beyond its mirror-like finish, encompassing several key benefits.


The Enchantment of Natural Lacquer

Natural lacquer is a traditional material that has graced the world of luxury craftsmanship for centuries. Its enduring appeal lies in its unique qualities, combining artistic beauty with remarkable durability. Let's delve into the merits of natural lacquer.

lacquer preparation in warehouse

Carbon Fiber

The Advantages of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a modern marvel that has revolutionized the world of luxury products. Its merits extend far beyond its sleek appearance, encompassing several key benefit

learn about the use of carbon fiber

Ceramium A.C.T.

The Birth of Ceramium A.C.T.

Ceramium A.C.T., which stands for Advanced Ceramium Technology, is a testament to S.T. Dupont's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of luxury lighters.

armor of tomorrow lighter