How to Maintain Your New Le Grand Cling Lighter

How to Maintain Your New Le Grand Cling Lighter

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Refilling your Le Grand Lighter is a simple process. You will need the red can of S.T. Dupont butane to refill your New Le Grand Cling lighter.

To refill your lighter, first unscrew the knob to reveal the refill valve. Lay the lighter flat on a surface, align the nozzle of your red S.T. Dupont butane can with the lighter's valve, and press gently. A 5-10 second fuel injection should suffice.

To replace the flint in your New Le Grand Cling, use the screwdriver included with your lighter. The driver's head is concealed within the screwdriver's body, accessible by removing the back piece. Unscrew the silver top, insert the driver head into the opening, and then reattach the silver screw.

Open your lighter's lid to locate the central screw on the plate. With the included screwdriver, unscrew this section and lift the plate off. Pull back and lock the flint pusher with a slight twist. Insert a new Red S.T. Dupont flint into the chamber, then release the flint pusher.

And there you have it, a simple guide to keeping your Le Grand lighter in top-notch condition. Whether you're refilling or changing the flint, these steps ensure your lighter is always ready for that perfect moment. Remember, a well-maintained lighter is the mark of a true connoisseur.

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